Not Your Normal Web Company


An Urban Collective


A Fresh Approach To Web Building


My Web Guys are not like most other web design companies. Born out of childhood friendships, we are a group of like minded young guys, with a passion for business, and a flair for delivering websites for a lot less money than you might think possible.

We don’t make the bold claims that most web design agencies do, we havent changed the fortunes of any blue chip organisations, and we haven’t revolutionised any part of the World Wide. What we have done is enjoyed doing what we do and delivered the websites that our clients wanted.



Why “My Web Guys” ?


Before we formalised our venture, whenever we have heard our clients discussing the needs they have for their website, they almost universally used the phrase “I will get my web guys to sort it” and it sort of stuck.

Matt & Dan are the driving force behind My Web Guys, but there are several more members of our happy band that bring together the skill set that we utilise every day.

My Web Guys are one of East Yorkshires Premier Web & E-Marketing Agencies

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